Entries will open on March 20th 2017 

  • On or after March 20th, tell us which class you wish to enter and send a photo of your bike. 
    EMAIL entries to sideburnmag@gmail.com
  • If your email address is not your full name, put your real name in the email, it saves confusion later.
  • Everyone must pre-enter their bike. Email us with a photo. You need to send a photo of the bike you're going to race, even if it isn't finished yet. 
  • You cannot enter on the day.
  • 18-year-olds and over only. 
  • All bikes must have their front sprockets covered and if they have mag wheels, any gaps big enough for an arm to go in must be covered.
  • This is not a race for scrapyard bikes or a moped mayhem.
  • Your bike does not need to be MoT'd and insured, but it must look road legal.
  • No competition bikes or bikes that could enter the DTRA. If you want to race in the Rookie, Vintage or Hooligan class on Friday we can try help make it happen.
  • You cannot enter and then have someone else race your bike BUT you don't have to enter on a bike you personally own. 
  • Bikes cannot be shared between two people in the same class.
  • Entries are £45.
  • Riders get one practice, two heat races and, if the results are good enough, a final.
  • After you and your bike are approved we will send you a link to pay and to fill in your entry form.
  • This is a proper race, run with a proper racing club on an internationally recognised track, so you will need to buy an MCF day licence on the morning of the race. Price is £15.

Send a photo of your bike to sideburnmag@gmail.com

Make the subject DIRT QUAKE V ENTRY

ENTRIES OPEN MARCH 20th 2017. All entries before that date will not be considered. Entries are first come, first served.


the classes


For choppers only, not factory customs. Anything that isn’t a true chopper can possibly go in Inappropriate Street Bike or Harley.



Women racers on any road legal bike that is eligible for the other classes. Women can choose to race in the other classes, they don’t have to race in the Ladies class.


street tracker 

PRESENTED BY the bike shed

Road legal trackers and scramblers.

Inappropiate ROAD BIKE

This class if for everything from Honda Dax to Yamaha R1s. Does your motorcycle look like a dirt track racer, motocrosser, supermoto or enduro bike? If the answer is no, then it’s probably inappropriate enough.




For road-legal Harleys of any age or description.




Our scrutineers check bikes before you’re allowed on track.
Read this and avoid being excluded.

  • Front sprockets must be covered. 
  • No open primaries.
  • Mag wheels that have gaps big enough for a hand to fit through must have disc style covers 
  • Any sharp spikes or corner, levers, footpegs, must be covered to offer protection to other riders.
  • Tape up light lenses.

Entries sell out in some classes very quickly and we only have a limited amount of spaces. So sign up to Sideburn magazine’s mailing list to be kept up to date and regularly check sideburnmag.blogspot.com

All entries are subject to approval by the Dirt Quake organisers. 


Every racer needs a Motorcycle Federation race licence. They can be bought on the morning of the race for £10 (subject to price rise)

Riders must be over-18.


EC-approved helmet, eye protection, gloves, boots, long trousers, long sleeves are all essential. Leathers, armour, pads, back protectors are all advised.


Some riders want to race in fancy dress. They are welcome to, but no capes or long scarves that can be caught in wheels or sprockets are allowed.


Every racer will get one 4-lap practice session (that you must take part in) and two 4-lap heat races. Only the top finishers will make a 4-lap final. 


Racers get into Saturday’s event for free. Any helpers or family members must buy a ticket